New Jersey averages nearly $1 million per day in bets

The state that helped open the floodgates for nationwide sports betting launched its betting program on June 14. From then through the end of the month, New Jersey took $16.4 million in bets during the 17 days from the 14th through the end of the month, via

The house won slightly under $3.5 million, equating two a hold percentage of 7.8 percent. The betting generated just under $300,000 in tax revenue, per the report.

Those numbers will only increase once football season begins. And it’s a clear indication as to the money that could be earned if other states choose to take advantage of the two-month-old ability to maintain sports betting programs.

And now for our second-best quarterback in the state of Texas—who also happens to play for a team in a Group of Five conference. Hicks was a sophomore in 2017, and he passed for 3,569 yards and 33 touchdowns. This season will be a transition for the quarterback; the Mustangs lost coach Chad Morris to Arkansas, and they’re adjusting to new coach Sonny Dykes’s Air Raid offense. It’s reasonable to expect SMU to miss a beat without Morris, but reports out of Dallas are that Hicks is taking well to the new scheme.

Romo, who had five birdies Sunday, scored 71 points to beat Mark Mulder by three points. The former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher won the previous three American Century Championships.

There are also options for facing unusual offensive looks like four-receiver sets and wildcat. Plus there are 10-12 red zone packages and 18 end-of-game packages.

Many of these categories can be mixed and matched in different ways. And those mixings and matchings present different wrinkles. All assistant coaches must know not just the various wrinkles and base concepts, but how to teach them to players. The variables are infinite—trying to go over each one, Guenther says, would be like trying to pinpoint every place along a fairway and rough that a golf ball might land.

Absent a multi-year contract, Bell (who currently is unsigned) can sign only a one-year deal through the end of the regular season. By then, Bell likely will be inclined to let it ride, forcing the Steelers to choose between tagging him a third time (and paying him the quarterback franchise tender of roughly $25 million for 2019) or finally letting the open market determine his value.

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