Grading Jets’ 2018 NFL Draft picks

Namath has yet to speak with Darnold, and said he won’t offer the kid advice unless he asks. And if Darnold does ask, what would Namath tell him?

It’s not a quick answer, Namath said. One of the things that saved me in my life was learning to ignore any of the hype or stuff or publicity. I would just stay away from the critiquing from the outside world and focus on his work.

There is no word yet on how Rodgers feels about head coach Mike McCarthy’s recent praise of new backup DeShone Kizer, but that’s the kind of talk that might prompt Big Ben to fake retirement or send Brady off to wallow in discontentment before a captive audience at the Gordon Gekko Institute for ’80s Style Moneygrubbing.

And then there’s Baltimore, where new quarterback Lamar Jackson revealed that Joe Flacco has not spoken to him since the draft, and John Harbaugh has talked about getting Jackson on the field during the Ravens rookie camp, an arrangement Flacco bristled against in the past.

Flacco isn’t one to send verbal messages of dissatisfaction, because Flacco’s idea of a juicy quote is to read off his license plate number to the teller at a DMV. Also, Flacco has real reason to worry about his job security, unlike his fellow sad-emoji quarterbacks, so he can’t afford any Roethlisberger-style talk-radio venting. But a two-minute phone conversation would have forestalled a lot of unnecessary drama, assuming Flacco thinks such drama is unnecessary.

Engram struggled to contain his excitement over the offense’s potential with himself, Beckham, Barkley, and Shepard all on the field at the same time this upcoming season.

It has a lot of potential, Engram said Tuesday during the BTIG Charity Day. We have to put the work in, though. We have to produce. We have to get it done. We’ll have a lot of talent on the field, we just have to put it together.

Last season, the Giants offense muddled through a 3-13 season that saw the offense average just 96.8 yards per game.

The lack of a viable running game combined with a season-ending ankle injury suffered by Beckham in a Week 4 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers put plenty of added pressure on Engram as a rookie.

After catching 64 passes for 722 yards and six touchdowns last season, Engram is looking forward to a much more balanced offensive attack, perhaps even one that funnels through Barkley and the running game as a focal point.

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